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Geysers in Yellowstone Park

Lewis & Clark: Yellowstone Geysers {format} {format} {format} 4:13 Barrett Golding

On the Trail of Lewis & Clark: On their way home, the L&C Expediton took a side-trip up Yellowstone River, and witnessed the "boiling springs." So, we should too: Rick Hutchinson is research geologist for Yellowstone. His main job is minding the more than 120 thermal features in the park: geysers, fumeroles, mud pots, steam vents. He tour us thru the geyser basins -- step carefully, the crust is thin and the water is boiling just under the surface. [transcript]

Broadcast: Sep 27 2006 on PRX Nature Stories Podcast; Aug 12 2005 on NPR Day to DaySeries: Lewis & Clark Trail: 200 Years Later Subjects: Environment, Science