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USA Fellow

USA logoIt’s official: I (Barrett Golding) have just been named a 2010 USA Rasmuson Fellow: “United States Artists Announces 50 USA Fellowships for 2010.”

Comes with lotsa prestige, an astounding collection of performances put on for us last night at Jazz at Lincoln Ctr (gotta be NYC’s best venue) by current and former fellows, and a whopping $50K.

HV producer Scott Carrier was last year’s Rasmuson Fellow. And other radio friends of HV have been past USA Fellows: Dmae Roberts, Susan Stone, Dave Isay, and Long Haul Productions. Other good news: writer Charles Bowden, who hasd oft appeared on HV air, is also a 2010 USA Fellow.

USA also has a big bold new effort for funding artist projects — more on that here soon.

US Artists

Hearty congrats to radio producers Scott Carrier and Long Haul Productions (Elizabeth Meister & Dan Collison), recipients of this year’s United States Artists:

Chosen for the caliber and impact of their work, these exceptional artists embody our nation’s vast cultural, ethnic, and geographic diversity. Each was awarded an unrestricted grant of $50,000 in recognition of their outstanding creative contributions.

Iverson Innovation

Abstract painting by Jerry IversonPainter Jerry Inverson (an HV fren) received a Montana Arts Council Artist’s Innovation Award. In artspeak: “He uses traditional materials, including sumi ink, layers of very thin paper, and rabbit skin glue to create black and white abstract canvases that are influenced by Asian calligraphy, yet outside the structure of language.”

Check his sheep-shearing series in HV art/audio “Counting Sheep” webwork. Jerry is represented by the Pulliam Gallery, Portland OR.

PRX MacArthur Awardee

The MacArthur Foundation selected the Public Radio Exchange for one of its 2008 Award for Creative and Effective Institutions, which comes with half-a-million $mackers. PRX is an audio archive site, an essential public radio tool and community. We at HV use it almost daily. Righteous to see their recogintion. PRX was one of eight orgs chosen for this MacArthur Award.

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