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Santa’s To-Do List {format} {format} 1:34 Devorah Medwin

Christmas tasks for Santa.

Broadcast: Dec 25 2003 on NPR Day to DaySeries: WCAI/WNAN Sonic IDs Subjects: Holidays

Analysis: Santa's to-do list

December 25, 2003 from Day to Day

ALEX CHADWICK, host: And from science to Santa. Here's a to-do list for all of us for the coming year, brought to us from our friends at "Hearing Voices" and featuring the man of the hour, Santa Claus.


I have a list. All Santas have lists. Did you not know that? It's true. There are so many kids to remember as well as so many questions asked. Open the door for your mother. That's number one. Donate food to the food pantry. Tell your parents how much you love them. Help around the house without being asked. Do someone a favor. Write or call a relative you haven't spoken to in a long time. You know, Santa, Santa hasn't done that either. Read a book to someone who can't read. Shovel snow or rake leaves for free. On and on and on.

CHADWICK: Santa was recorded by Devorah Medwin for stations WCAI and WNAN on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Those are both DAY TO DAY stations. We want to thank them for bringing us to you in this holiday season, our first. Happy holidays to listeners at those stations and to DAY TO DAY stations all across the country.

(Soundbite of "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer")

CHADWICK: More just ahead. This is DAY TO DAY. I'm Alex Chadwick.