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Clock Maker’s Time Off {format} {format} 1:01 Jeremy Hobson

Adjusting to life away from the time business.

Broadcast: Feb 5 2004 on NPR Day to DaySeries: WCAI/WNAN Sonic IDs Subjects: Senior, Labor, Business

Commentary: Adjusting to life as a retired clock maker

February 5, 2004 from Day to Day

MADELEINE BRAND, host: And moving from music to time and its measurement, here's a little moment with a man whose job in a clock shop just didn't square with his personal constitution.

(Soundbite of winding noise)


I only held the clock job for, oh, five or six years. I'm afraid my confession about the ultimate reason for wanting to retire is that I don't really care what time it is. I'd rather rely on an internal clock than a machine, though this is certainly a beautiful machine.

(Soundbite of clock winding; ticking; ringing)

BRAND: Retired clock keeper Thomas Hodgson. The piece was produced by Jeremy Hobson for WCAI and WNAN in Massachusetts.

(Soundbite of music)

BRAND: This is DAY TO DAY. I'm Madeleine Brand.