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The links below last checked 2008.09.03.

For more recent info see our Transommedia Online Workshop.

Here are the reading/hearings/viewings. The most important are the top two Must and Should categories. Those just starting should know the Basics. Those already producing should have the Tools. We’ve selected a few of the many fine hours worth listening to from Third Coast Sessions. And we link to several outstanding Interview Guides.

Radio is a mix of skills: interviewing, writing, editing, storytelling, mixing. Some of the links below are how-to’s; others are more inspirational than instructional.

Must See/Read

Watch Ira’s training vid, read Jeff’s ProTools primer. These are two concise yet comprehensive production guides…

Ira Glass- Current TV: Storytelling (15min video)

Jeff Towne- Transom Tools: A Beginners Guide to Pro Tools (primer)

Should Read: Transom Reviews

Transom.org Guests’ posts are littered with pubradio insight. Here’s some of my favorite excerpts from their discussions…

Larry Massett- In Search of Aliens (online discussion)

Robert Krulwich- Why I Love Radio (online discussion)

Scott Carrier- Running After Antelope (online discussion)

Nancy Updike- Better Writing Through Radio (online discussion)


Some stripped down primers on pubradio production (a couple written for kids)…

Sound Portraits- Record Your Own Radio Documentary (primer)

Radio Diaries- Teen Reporter’s Handbook (primer)

Stories1st- How To Produce A Doc- Part 1 & Part 2

This American Life- How To Get On (submission guidelines)

Transom: Tools: Katie Davis- Shout Out! A Kid’s Guide to Recording Stories (primer)

B-Side- Training Guide to Producing Great Radio


Send (ftp) files for broadcast as uncompressed .wav or encoded .mp2 — do not broadcast or produce w/ mp3s if possible; use mp3 for audition only…

PRX- Member Tools; free mp2 encoder & FTP clents (software)

Apple- iTunes; a great soundfile format converter & soundfile organizer (software)

AIR (Assoc. of Independents in Radio)- Pitch Page (submission guidelines)

WikiAudio- Pro audio encyclopedia

Thirsd Coast Sessions

The annual 3rdCoast Conference is, from a producer pov, da bomb. Listen to a few of my fave hours from past confs…

Nancy Updike- Die, Mediocrity, Die! (1 hr conference session audio)

David Kestenbaum- Explaining the World in Four Minutes (1 hr conference session audio)

Robert Krulwich- These are a Few of My Favorite Things (1 hr conference session audio)

Chris Brookes- Ways of Hearing (1 hr conference session audio)

Joe Richman- The Invisible Narrator (1 hr conference session audio)

Interview Guides

U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum- Collections: Oral History w/ Oral History Interview Guidelines (pdf)

StoryCorps- Great Questions List

Library of Congess: Veterans History Project- Sample Interview Questions: Project Kit

Centropa- Oral History Tool Kit w/ Interviewers Workbook (doc)

Regional Oral History Office (U of CA)- Tips for Interviewers

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