NPR Indies Widget

This NPR Indies 1.1 widget displays the latest stories in NPR series made by independent producers, including Hearing Voices, StoryCorps, Radio Diaries, etc.

It is sized to fit in a thin page-column, such as a WordPress sidebar:

To Embed This Widget:

You can put this Indie NPR series widget on your page/blog, by copy & pasting this code:

To Set Widget Size:
Change the iframe attributes width="200" height="400" to your desired width (in pixels).

To Set Default Series
As is, the widget displays no stories until the user chooses a series.

To set a specific series to display by default when your page/blog loads, add a "?" plus the series-initials (list below) to the end of the iframe src in the embed code, e.g.,:
iframe src="/series/var/npr_indies.php?hv

At the end of the above source url, "hv" stands for Hearing Voices, so "?hv" tells the widget to automatically show that series. Remove the "?" and initials and no series default displays. Or use these series-initials key to default display another series:
2mfn – 2 Minute Film Noir
5farms – Five Farms
hv – Hearing Voices
hk – Hidden Kitchens
hwg – Hidden World of Girls
mitow – Musicians in Their Own Words
mq – Maker’s Quest
rd – Radio Diaries
sc – StoryCorps
tsoac – The Sounds of American Culture
wias – What’s in a Song?
yr – Youth Radio

if you use this widget, tell us, so we can update you on future versions. Also contact us with any problems, or to have another independently produced NPR series added to the list.

This display uses NPR’s API.
© Hearing Voices
Version 1.1