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Hearing Voices from NPR®
101 John Ono Lennon: A Memorial and Celebration
Host: Lynn Neary of NPR
Airs week of: 2010-10-06

“John Ono Lennon” (52:00 mp3):

Born: John Winston Lennon, October 9 1940
Died: John Ono Lennon, December 8 1980

On Saturday, October 9 2010, John Lennon would have turned 70 years old. This is our public-radio party, memorial and celebration:

“On Ed Sullivan” (4:16) Lynn Neary

Our host recalls how the Beatles changed everything, and John lead the charge; an audio essay, sprinked with live performances and 1963-64 Fan-Flub flexi-disk Christmas messages.

“All We Are Saying” (25:00) Barrett Golding

Lennon’s life, in own words, from his hundreds of interviews. Accompanied by music, outtakes, antics and poetics — singing, talking, and testifying about peace, family, and art.

Produced at KGLT-Bozeman with mix help from Colter Langan. Archive recordings are courtesy of Yoko Ono, the BBC, the CBC, Chicago’s Museum Of Broadcast Communications, Group W Productions, Rolling Stone Magazine, Apple, Capital, EMI, and Polydor Records.

A Family Tree: Lennon drawing of he and Yoko under a treeWONSAPONATIME there was two Ballons called Jock and Yono. They were strictly in love-bound to happen in a million years. They were together man. Unfortunatimetable they both seemed to have previous experience — which kept calling them one way oranother (you know howitis). But they battled on against overwhelming oddites, includo some of there beast friends. Being in love they cloong even more together man — but some of the poisonessmonster of outrated buslodedshithrowers did stick slightly and tey occaasionaly had to resort to the drycleaners. Luckily this did not kill them and they werent banned from the olympic games. They lived hopefully every after, and who could blame them… —Lennon, Skywriting By Word of Mouth

“NYC/LA Radio” (2:00) The Professor

Scanning the radio dial the night Lennon died. The Prof presents more audio of and info on this found-sound recording at WFMU.

“The Day John Lennon Died” (8:50) Paul Ingles

Members of the generation jolted by Lennon’s death recall how they heard the news and how deeply this ex-Beatle’s life affected theirs (where were you when you heard?)

Voices: Scott MacNichol, Daniel Callis, Martin Goldsmith, Jane Blume, Mark Weber, Jim Palmer, John Scariano, Bonnie Renfro, Mary Oishi, Rob Raucci, and Emily Zambello. Produced at Cedar Creek Studios and KUNM-Albuquerque. PRX has a half-hour version of “The Day John Lennon Died.”

“20th Anniversary Mourners” (2:00) The Professor

Fans gather on the 20th anniversary of Lennon’s death, singing together in Central Park.

Kiss Your Favorite Beatle with pictures of lips“Maybe in the sixties we were naive. Everybody said, ‘We didn’t get a wonderful world of just flowers and peace and happy chocolate, and it won’t be just pretty and beautiful all the time.’ Just like babies; everyone went back to their rooms and sulked: ‘We’re just going to play rock and roll and not do anything else, because the world’s a horrible place, because it didn’t give us everything we cried for.’ Right? Crying for it wasn’t enough. The thing the sixties did was show us the possibilities, and the responsibility we all had.” —Lennon, to RKO Radio, December 8 1980

Wikipedia has great bios and links for John Lennon and Yoko Ono
Bagism fansite has a Lennon Quiz. Complete Lennon lyrics are at Lyrics.info. “Beatlegs” are Beatles Bootlegs (many mp3s available). The Liverpool Lennons have timelines and family trees at Lennons.net. The Beatle Source has hi-fi mp3s of the Beatles Fan Club Christmas Records (1963-1969) — the Internet Beatles Album has the covers.

In WFMU’s blog, The Professor documented John & Yoko week hosting the Mike Douglas Show. WFMU also offers lots more Lennon including mp3s of John Lennon’s 1971 Rolling Stone Interview.

And the FBI, compelled by FOIA, has released hundreds of pages from their Lennon case files. See also US vs John Lennon.

FBI Lennon file

Cartoon: FBI guys say: You wanna come over tonight and hear my Lennon tapes

Thanks to my friend, and KSAN DJ, Phil Charles for the Lennon sig and face. John gave it to Phil after both spent a Lost Night in San Fran:
Lennon signature and drawing of his face

Handwritten lyrics to Happy Christmas

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Comments (5)

We SO enjoyed this program. Kind of forgot how prolific John Lennon was. His music is a fresh as ever. My husband and I discussed, like many I’m sure, where we were when we heard of Johns death. I do often think of the creativity John still had to give.
What a tragic loss. It still breaks my heart.

Comment added by Sherry Mulleavey on 10.10.10

What a fabulous tribute to a truly remarkable man. Maybe we should all stop, take a deep breath, and “Give Peace a Chance”.

Thank you all so much for this opportunity to sit back and reflect. BJB

Comment added by Barry Butler on 10.10.10

Beautiful production – can’t wait to download and share with my grand-daughter. Thank You

Comment added by jimim on 10.10.10


HV101- John Ono Lennon : HearVox

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[…] ago, his words and music still have a great influence on people all over the world. This podcast, Hearing Voices, offers this episode as their public-radio party, memorial and celebration of John Lennon’s life. […]

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