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Some online J-school tools…
Visual Edge is a premiere multi-media workshop for photojournalists it provides a list of lessons (pdf) for media journalists:

  • Sound in the story: Balancing the tools in new-media journalism
  • “More and more journalists are working with audio these days and learning from radio reporters. This is a fabulous guide for journalists about using sound and audio clips in their journalism. It’s a 21-page PDF with lots of good advice about story development, writing, and gathering sound. The best part of this guide is the extensive advice about interviewing. The guide was prepared by J.Carl Ganter and Eileen E. Ganter for the Poynter Institute for Media Studies. They give credit for some of the content to David Candow, a well-known broadcast trainer for CBC.”

  • Microphones: Two main types

Poynter Online hosts an online resource list of informational links on anything imaginable in field media journalism.

The Canadian Journalism Project is a collection of all things journalism. There’s advice and articles on social nets, web-searching, and beat-specific tools, along with an award-winning journalism database, ethical resources and links for teaching.

The International Women’s Media Foundation’s Online Training has these “Tips & Guides: Writing Broadcast,” of which educator Mary McGuire says, “There are countless guides to writing broadcast copy online. This is one of the better ones. It’s a clear list of 10 rules with good examples as illustrations.”:

Did I write in my own voice or did I use the words of a wire service or officials?
Did I eliminate unnecessary information?
Did I leave any unanswered questions?
Translate the jargon. Make the words your own.

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This is a site that was created by a professor at the University of Oregon J-school for a specific class called Grammar for Journalists. It was a great help to me while I attended the UofO J-school and I still use it to this day.


Thanks for the other sites. They’re great!

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