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If art/beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder then this guy can tag my building anytime. Learn more at http://www.banksy.co.uk

Banksy’s Wet Dog
Wet Dog by Banksy

Banksy’s Ratapult
Ratapult by Banksy

New Bansky book: Wall and Piece.

Closer to home the City of Bozeman has finally had ENOUGH (they became very interested in graffiti after one of their own buildings was damn near wrecked by rattle can vandals)

Tomorrow night (1/28) at their regular meeting the Bozeman City Commission will respond to this:
The Old Bozeman Library, tagged

With this:
*Consider creating and staffing a Vandalism and Graffiti Task Force consisting of one staff liaison, one representative of the Downtown Partnership, one representative of the Bozeman Police Department, one representative of the local business community, one representative of the INC, and one representative of the Bozeman School District to direct and perform public outreach and education, study possible mitigation measures and long-term solutions, and make future recommendations to the City Commission.

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I hadn’t seen either of these before! We put together an article about Banksy with a good collection of his work at Wishtank. Check it out if you want here.

in light.
Garrett Heaney

Comment added by Garrett Heaney on 01.28.08

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