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WFUV does HV

WFUV-NYC, one of my favorite stations on the planet, just added our weekly series of HV Hours to their Saturday morn sked. Very happy to be on in da apple.

Station web header

Radio stations broadcasting the HV weekly hour series:

Station City State Day(s) Time(s)
KMXT-FM Kodiak AK Wed 11pm
KAZU-FM Pacific Grove CA Sat
KWMR-FM Pt. Reyes Station CA Sun 10pm
WGCU-FM Fort Myers FL Wed 7pm
WEPS-FM Elgin IN Fri 12pm
WVPE-FM Elkhart IN Sun 6pm
WZAI-FM Martha’s Vineyard MA Sun 7pm
WNAN-FM Nantucket MA Sun 7pm
WCAI-FM Woods Hole MA Sun 7pm
KGLT-FM Bozeman MT Sun 4pm
WFUV-FM New York City NY Sat 6am
WHSS-FM Hamilton OH (TBD)  
OPB Access Net Portland OR Thu 5pm
KUT2-HD Austin TX Sun 8pm
KXOT-FM Seattle WA Sat 12pm
KUWA-FM Afton WY Sat 5am
KBUW-FM Buffalo-FM WY Sat 5am
KUWC-FM Casper WY Sat 5am
KDUW-FM Douglas WY Sat 5am
KUWG-FM Gillette WY Sat 5am
KUWJ-FM Jackson WY Sat 5am
KUWR-FM Laramie WY Sat 5am
KUWN-FM Newcastle WY Sat 5am
KUWX-FM Pinedale WY Sat 5am
KUWP-FM Powell WY Sat 5am
KUWZ-FM Rock Springs WY Sat 5am
KSUW-FM Sheridan WY Sat 5am
KUWD-FM Sundance WY Sat 5am
KUWT-FM Thermopolis WY Sat 5am

Big Dog Robot

This video shows a “pack animal” robot designed to crawl up mountains, on ice, through snow, carrying 340 lbs. The way this “animal” adapts to terrain is unbelievable. Created ( by Boston Dynamics, an engineering company “Dedicated to the Science and Art of How Things Move.” If you have no interest in futuristic army technology or the replacement for Sherpas, then have a nice day; otherwise, brought to by the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency, here’s The Most Advanced Quadruped Robot on Earth, “Boston Dynamics Big Dog:”


Had to check out after reading about it. It’s kind of like YouTube Pro. Given that they’re doing limited commercials and putting things on there that people actually want to watch without being hunched over the screen, the TV industry might avoid the RIAA’s fate. The video quality is pretty good. At full-screen, I could sit back six feet and it looked fine. Want to watch Saturday Night Live clips or full-length The Simpsons or whole movies like “The Big Lebowski” or “The Usual Suspects.” Hulu is “joint venture owned by NBC Universal and News Corp [Fox]:”

Hulu offers U.S. consumers a vast selection of premium video content, on demand, free and ad-supported: full episodes of TV shows, both current and classic, full-length movies, thousands of clips, and much more.

There’s also short films, like from the Sundance series The Art of Seduction, “Not Pretty, Really:”

My Name is Lisa

It’s already had 1.7M views and was the YouTube 2007 Best Short Film, but I hadn’t seen it so maybe you haven’t either. If you know someone who has… well, you’ll see, “My Name is Lisa:”

Song of Tibet

HV doubled down with two pieces on NPR Day to Day, the first— There’s history and politics hidden in the songs of Tibet, which has been under Chinese control for half a century. A music recordist visits during Losar, the Tibetan New Year, looking for traditional music (produced for KGLT-Bozeman), “Song of Tibet” (3:30 mp3):

A masters hands plays the Danyen; a Tibetan type of banjo:
Hands playing stringed instrument
Photo © Jack Chance, March 2008, Kathmandu, Nepal

Google Charts

To demonstrate our WY-centric station carriage, mentioned in post prev, our graphics team has prepared this map:
Hearing Voices station carriage chart

That’s right, there’s a new toy in town, Google Charts: online generation of graphs, charts, and data-driven maps. Thanks, Jon, for telling me about it and making me waste my morn — you know I can’t resist to trying new tech. Or as Jon graphically points out:
Barrett's Day chart

HV Stations

The 14-station Wyoming Public Radio network just added our weekly hour to their sked. Which means we now have more stations in WY than all other stations in the universe combined. Our thanks to the Cowboy State for more than doubling our carriage.

John Adams

John and Abagail Adams played by Paul Giamatti and Laura Linney. Nuff said, no? Parts 1 & 2 of the HBO 7-week mini-series “John Adams” rocked, rolled, tarred, feathered, cannon fired, and created a nation. “He United the States of America.” Based on the David McCullough 900-pager, “John Adams (HBO) full-length trailer”:

Werner & Errol

Illustration of Herzog and MorrisFrom the March/April 2008 Issue of The Believer, a conversation between two great filmakers: “Errol Morris talks with Werner Herzog.”

I was a private detective for years after I started as a filmmaker. I like to think, of course I could be completely wrong, that there’s this detective element in everything I do. My movies start from interviews. Everything that I’ve really done. —EM

Wait for the afterthought. Be patient. Don’t say, “Cut.” Just let them do it. The unplanned, the unexpected, the afterthought. —WH

via Zak Rosen- WDET.

WY Winter Radio Repair

The Thermopolis transmitter of Wyoming Public Radio was off-air. To fix it they needed to get up past three feet of snowdrifts, over three inches of ice, and into 40-mph winds blowing snow sideways across a cloud-covered hilltop. A four-wheel drive wouldn’t make it; a rental Sno-Cat would have taken days to find; and snowmobile travel would have been dangerous with the weight and bulk of the gear and parts needing transport. So how did Chief Engineer Reid Fletcher and Program Director Roger Adams make their mid-winter ascent? Hint: “Giddyup.”
Horses at transmitter site

400 Fish

C’mon, bait your line. Let’s go smelt fishin’ on the ice. Ten shacks on a frozen river are filled with ice fishermen for ten weeks each year. Owner Steve Leighton provides the bait; his patrons bring the beer; and the fish take care of the rest. Produced by Grant Fuller of the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies, premiered on Weekend America, “What Are You Gonna Do with 400 Fish?” (5:13 mp3):

While you’re listening, check the photos of Sarah Breul, also of SALT, who tagged along to Leighton’s Smelt Camp on the Abagadasset River in Bowdinham, Maine, and took these Image of Ice Fishing…
Fishing camps on river Bucket of smelt Fishig camps at night © Sarah Breul

Above effect is the Anura photo gallery (beta 2) script by Eric Puidokas. Tell us if it’s working for ya…

Godfather and Tenor

James Brown (May 3, 1933 – December 25, 2006) and Luciano Pavarotti (October 12, 1935 — September 6, 2007) perform live on stage in Modena, Italy on May 28, 2002, “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World:”