HV004- Comedy with a Beat

Firesign Theatre logoHearing Voices from NPR®:
004 Comedy with a Beat—
Comic Bits with Music Beats
Host— David Ossman of Firesign Theatre
Airs week of— 2009-04-08 (Originally: 2008-03-26)

Comedy with a Beat (54:00 mp3):

Laughs and lyrics:

Wally Cox yodels. Peter Sellers sings while shaving.

Jack Kerouac croons “Ain”t We Got Fun.”

Charles Mingus jazzes up Jean Shepherd”s “The Clown.”

Comedian Greg Giraldo is layered over Lazyboy.

“Lenny Bruce Gets Busted” in Jonathan Mitchell“s documentary.

And we hear rare and classic sketches from host David Ossman’s Firesign Theatre.

“Underwear Goes Inside the Pants” Lazyboy fea. Greg Giraldo:

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[…] video for the song (in this week’s HV hour) with comedian Greg Giraldo and musicians Lazyboy, from their 2004 CD TV, “Underwear Goes […]

[…] enjoy it) is KRCC, Radio Colorado College, our local NPR affiliate. Right now they’re airing “Hearing Voices,” an episode called “Comedy With a Beat,” hosted by David Ossman of The Firesign Theatre. […]

Ugh!!! the Firesign Theatre is unlistenably AWEFUL!!! I remember hearing my friend’s parents recordings of them and even then at 13 thinking this was horrendously unfunny shit. Leave it to one of them to play more of Lenny Bruces early Borscht belt schlock than his more poignant work from his prime.
Bad choice of programmer

Comment added by PabloRashid on 09.01.09

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