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Travel Tips
Contributions to a growing list:

#135 Don’t dismiss warning signs, especially: BEWARE OF MUTTONBIRD HOLES

#136 Sandals are not the best thing to wear for hiking through a tropical forest to grassy, steep ocean cliffs after two days of heavy rain—no matter how much they look like ones Jesus would have worn.

#137 Swim shorts are not the best attire to hike through tropical forests in, some grasses are like razor-blades and if there’s a vine, it most likely will have thorns.

#138 Listening to NPR podcasts on your ipod while hiking around birds that are shrieking “you’re stepping near my nests!” is not a good idea for the other thing you can’t hear them shrieking is “I’m going to dive-bomb you for your trespass while you stumble around on wet grass in sandals near deadly ocean drops!”

#139 Wear a hat, always, especially in countries not fond of ozone but populated with dive-bombing birds (see #135 and #138)

#34 Those most interested in history are those about to become it. Try to take an interest no matter your age.

#156 If you hear “The Gambler” playing, run. Run away. Something is horribly wrong, will be, or ought to be.

#35 Good traveling is making sure you say, “wow, what’s that?” more than “I remember when that was a…

More tips at: Taiwan Travel.

Attacking birds: flickr.

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