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Chesty Morgan’s Forbidden Love

Chesty- Talent Search 2

The Chesty Story: Talent Search- Chapter 2: The search for the talent needed to create “Chesty” was proving futile until a telex came from Howard Schultz, then an aspiring lute player at “The Coffee Game – Miami.” He wanted to swindle Chesty out of its several millions in research funds by engaging the talent scouts in a the club’s notorious Cappicino Con. Luckily, Massett was a pro at the coffee game, and soon outsmarted Schultz. He won the services of three of the baristas at the club, and was well on his way toward acquiring the rights to the chain when he was called back home. But more on that later. (More Chesty!…)
Larry Massett in Miami

Chesty- Talent Search

The Chesty Story: Talent Search- Chapter 1: Before Chesty Morgan’s Forbidden Love! could commence production, a worldwide talent search was conducted using more than the usual amount of CPB money. With a fully funded planning grant, several continents were combed for possible writers, producers, musical arrangers and performers. Seen here, executive producer Massett rushes through busy Tokyo traffic to make an appointment with the Minister of External Humorous Radio Affairs. (More Chesty!…)

Larry Masett, Tokyo 1982

Chesty in Witless Protection

Notice: The staff of Chesty Morgan’s Forbidden Love! and Post-Modern Times — two of the ground- and wind-breaking radio shows of the last century, announce their consolidation into a new entity called:

The Witless Protection Program

featuring Larry and The Self-Fulfilling Prophets… Brought to you by Chesty Chunks, the breakfast Cereal roasted in the box by Larry himself — for better flavor and better sleep.

We reach back this week to a time in the last century when airline pilots still took the time to tell you why you were scared and tired, when woman challenged men to tell us things, and a little angel named Rollo could tell time.

“Witless Protection 2” (6:41 mp3):

Next episode will be “The Amish Adventure.”

Chesty Morgan’s Forbidden Love

Chesty Morgan movie posterWelcome to the World Premiere of the earth-shaking, ass-tounding new old radio show Chesty Morgan’s Forbidden Love! The Producers are the well-known international dateline traders and typhoon tycoons, Artissimmo Silverguy, Ask Amy, The Medium is the Massett, Christ Mantra, and Rebecca of Sunnybrook Flowers.

So, you asked for it, and you’re gonna get it. Now, Loadies and Gentrifieds, w/o any further undo, we give you CMFL, Episode One, in which our Chesty searches for Identity (7:36 mp3):

Tune in next week when Chesty gives good headings to the Dog Lovelorn.