Chesty Morgan’s Forbidden Love

Chesty Morgan movie posterWelcome to the World Premiere of the earth-shaking, ass-tounding new old radio show Chesty Morgan’s Forbidden Love! The Producers are the well-known international dateline traders and typhoon tycoons, Artissimmo Silverguy, Ask Amy, The Medium is the Massett, Christ Mantra, and Rebecca of Sunnybrook Flowers.

So, you asked for it, and you’re gonna get it. Now, Loadies and Gentrifieds, w/o any further undo, we give you CMFL, Episode One, in which our Chesty searches for Identity (7:36 mp3):

Tune in next week when Chesty gives good headings to the Dog Lovelorn.

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Comments (4)

This is great. But why don’t you call it “The Witless protection Program?” That’s a better title!

Comment added by Art on 12.12.07

it has promise…like all promises it’ll probably be broken

Comment added by jim on 12.28.07

Comment added by Chesty Morgan on 08.20.09

Hi, what is this chanty song playing throughout the segment? Its enchanting. Thanks!

Comment added by stephen w on 05.01.12

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