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California recall debate

Language Removal of the California Recall Race {format} {format} 2:37 Larry Massett

Earlier this year we introduced listeners to Douglas Fleishut, one of the founders of Language Removal Services. Thatís an outfit that takes recordings of human speech and eliminates the words, leaving breathing and umms and ahhs. Recently, the Language Removal folks have turned their attention to the candidates in the California recall election. [transcript]

Broadcast: Oct 1 2003 on NPR All Things ConsideredSeries: Language Removal Subjects: Politics, Spoken Word

Nose and mouth

Language Removal Service {format} {format} 4:47 Larry Massett

Language without the words, leaving only the breaths, lip-smacks, ums and ahs: "These frozen portraits of a personís speaking habits outline a spirit or soul that underlies that language," reports the Language Removal Service. ""laboratory that is the only one of its kind in the world -- facilities include our state-of-the-art vocal observation chamber and a special storage facility for our archives, including the world-famous Raymond Chronic Static Language library." [transcript]

Broadcast: Jun 11 2003 on NPR All Things ConsideredSeries: Language Removal Subjects: Comedy, Technology, Spoken Word

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