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Otha Turnerís fife and drum

Otha Turner’s Picnic {format} {format} 14:36 Ben Adair

Mississippi moonshine, barbecued goat and the last of the old-time Fife & Drum picnics [transcript]

Broadcast: Jun 25 2007 on HV PODCAST; Sep 1 2001 on PRI/MPR Savvy Traveler Subjects: Travel, Historical, Americana, African American

Album cover: Clothesline Revival's Long Gone

Clothesline Revival {format} {format} 6:52 Barrett Golding

The vocals on the new album by Clothesline Revival are more than half a century old: unprofessional singers recorded in the rural south, by John and Alan Lomax. The music of Clothesline Revival is by multi-instrumentalist Robert Powell and composer Conrad Praetzel Conrad is a former archeologist. His research skills came in handy unearthing material for the band's latest collection, called Long Gone. [transcript]

Broadcast: Jul 4 2006 on NPR Day to Day Subjects: Music, Interviews, Americana, Historical

Dog and woman in flags on motorcycle

Armpit of America {format} 14:33 Larry Massett

Few towns would appreciate being called the armpit of America; fewer still would covet the title, and celebrate it with an armpit festival. Welcome to Battle Mountain, Nevada: a weekend with rodeo riders, Basque miners, and stock-car racers.

Broadcast: Jan 30 2004 on PRI/MPR Savvy Traveler Subjects: Travel, Holidays, Americana

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