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Mushroom Cloud {format} 59:00 Claus Andreasson, Scott Carrier, Barrett Golding & [Hearing Voices]

Tales of the Atomic Age in this (((Hearing Voices))) Hiroshima anniversary special. Hosted by Larry Massett, featuring: "Enola Alone" by Antenna Theater. The air war from the perspecitive of World War II bomber pilots, Japanese and English bombing survivors, and Colonel Paul Tibbets, pilot of the Enola Gay mission over Hiroshima. "Atomic Age" by (((HearingVoices))). An audio document in political speeches and popular songs of our changing attitudes towards weapons of mass destruction; starting with the bombing of Hiroshima, August 6 1945. "Downwinder Diaries" by Claes Andreasson. Personal accounts of people downwind from the Nevada and Utah nuclear bomb tests in the 1950s, when the big red clouds drifted across the desert and into their towns. "Wild Dreams of a New Beginning" by Lawrence Ferlinghetti. "A Pacific tidal wave a mile high sweeps in. Los Angeles breathes its last gas> A poem produced for radio by Erik Bauersfeld (Bay Area Radio Drama), with sound design by Jim McKee (Earwax), and original music by Wieslaw Pogorzelski. "What Are You Afraid Of?" by Scott Carrier. Americans across the country answer the question: What do you fear? "Atomic Platters: Cold War Music from the Golden Age of Homeland Security" compiled by Selections for the CD/DVD set including Slim Galliard's "Atomic Cocktail" (1945), versions of "Jesus Hits Like an Atom Bomb" by Lowell Blanchard & The Valley Trio (1949) and by The Pilgrim Travelers. "Old Man Atom" by The Sons of the Pioneers (1951), and 1950-60s Civil Defense public service announcements. "Page One" by Lemon Jelly. The story of the Big Bang, with a beat. More audio, info and links...

Broadcast: Aug 6 2005 on HV SpecialSeries: Hearing Voices- Specials Subjects: Spoken Word, Entertainment, Specials, Specials, War, Historical

Jumbo bomb on truck-bed at Trinity Site

Downwinder Diaries: Nuclear Blast {format} {format} 4:24 Claus Andreasson

In 1953, a 32-kiloton nuclear bomb was detonated at a Nevada test site. Within two years, some farmers and much of their livestock living downwind of the blast contracted cancer and died, most likely because of the nuclear fallout. Janet Gordonís brother Kent was one on many affected. From the series Downwinder Diaries. [transcript]

Broadcast: Jul 15 2005 on NPR Day to Day Subjects: War, Public Affairs, Historical, Technology

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