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? and the Mysterians - CD cover

Song and Memory: 96 Tears {format} {format} 7:09 Ann Heppermann, Rick Moody & Kara Oehler

For Chef Anthony Bourdain the song "96 Tears" by ? and the Mysterians was a gateway drug to sex and drugs and rock n' roll, not to mention a narcotic-fueled roadtrip and a dead stripper.

Broadcast: Jun 9 2007 on APM Weekend AmericaSeries: Song & Memory Subjects: Music, Rock, Youth, Food

Jules Shear photo

Song & Memory: Jules Shear {format} 8:18 Ann Heppermann, Rick Moody & Kara Oehler

Musician Jules Shear, of Jules and the Polar Bears and MTV's Unplugged, recalls his first public performance, for his school principal on a train, singing Chris Kenner's "Something You Got."

Broadcast: Aug 12 2006 on APM Weekend AmericaSeries: Song & Memory Subjects: Music, Rock, Youth

Album cover: East Village Opera Company

East Village Opera Company {format} {format} 7:00 Barrett Golding

The debut CD by The East Village Opera Company features new takes on a revered art form. This New York City musical group that mixes opera with rock 'n' roll. The group is made up of a five-piece band, a string quartet and two vocalists. [transcript]

Broadcast: May 15 2006 on NPR Day to Day Subjects: Music, Opera, Rock

Lennon as a teenager with guitar

Remembering John Lennon {format} 7:37 Paul Ingles

John Lennon died 25 year ago, December 8 1980. Do you remember where you were when you heard the news? Thatís the question asked to people of the generation whose lives were deeply affected by he man and his music.

Broadcast: Dec 3 2005 on APM Weekend America Subjects: Rock, Historical, Politics, Music

Lennon's drawing of his face

John Ono Lennon {format} 59:00 Barrett Golding, Paul Ingles, The Professor & [Hearing Voices]

A Memorial and Celebration special. Hosted by Lynn Neary, of NPR, featuring: "On Ed Sullivan"- an audio essay by host Lynn Neary with Beatles live performances and 1963-64 fanclub Christmas messages. "All We Are Saying" by Barrett Golding- Lennon in his own words and music (interviews, albums, outtakes, antics and poetics) talks about peace, family, and art. "The Day John Lennon Died" by Paul Ingles- Members of the generation jolted by Lennon's death recall how they heard the news and how deeply this ex-Beatle's life affected theirs. "NYC/LA Radio 12/8/1980" & "20th Anniversary Mourners: Imagine 12/8/2000" found-sound from The Professor- the radio dial recorded the night of Lennon's death, and mourners 20 years later singing in Central Park. "Pop Vultures: Grief" by Kate Sullivan & Vince DeLorca- Lennon's "God" as grief counseling, from the radio series Pop Vultures. More audio, info and links...

Broadcast: Oct 9 2005 on HV SpecialSeries: Hearing Voices- Specials Subjects: Rock, Politics, Music, Entertainment, Specials

Art of Modern Rock book cover

Art of Rock {format} {format} 8:41 Scott Carrier

An explosion of indie bands has re-fueled the genre of rock posters. A new book presents the best of The Art of Modern Rock. [transcript]

Broadcast: Dec 20 2004 on NPR Day to Day Subjects: Rock, Music, Art

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