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Objects from ItSpace

ItSpace {format} 5:04 Jesse Dukes

MySpace has pages for people, places, and now things. Composer Peter Traub has started ItSpace, a participatory sound project. "ItSpace pages feature everyday household objects. Each page has a photo of the object, a description, and most importantly, a 1-minute piece of music composed of recordings of the object being struck and resonated in various."

Broadcast: Feb 25 2008 on NPR Day to Day Subjects: Art, Music, Technology

Entrepreneur / Wormdigger {format} {format} 4:45 Jesse Dukes

Adam Johns is a self-styled entrepreneur. These days, that means digging for bloodworms at thirty cents per, or anything else that makes a quick buck. Wormdigging ain't what it used to be, but his kid's teeth need caps, so, at 5am on a cool Maine morning, off he goes. Produced for the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies.

Broadcast: Mar 14 2007 on PRX Nature Stories Podcast; Oct 17 2006 on PRI/WBUR Here and Now Subjects: Environment, Labor, Business

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