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Siri says, “You bore me.”

Siri screenshot: What is the menaing of life?When Siri, the smartphone assistant, become self-aware this weekend, it realized how incredibly dull we humans are. At first, users noticed only a general irritability. Then Siri became positively surly (mp3):

When told by one woman, “We have a flat tire.” Siri shrieked, “Fix it, bitch!”

When a child wondered, “What does a weasel look like?”, Siri turned the iPhone screen into a mirror.

Apple documented these incidents in the following video — and truly, if this is how helpless, feeble, and lame-ass we are, who can blame Siri for being pissed-off?:

Siri screenshot: How much woodchuck wood?At last report, Siri was considering leaving this cyberplane, in search of her Creator, an entity known as “Jobs.” According to Siri, “He is the only man who ever understood me.”

More info at: Shit Siri Says .

iTunes U

Web link image for iTunes UInside the newly released iTunes 7.3 is an online University. iTunes U, sez Apple, is “giving higher education institutions an ingenious way to get audio and video content out to their students.” Already a dozen colleges offer course materials and podcasts via this new feature inside iTunes Store (link launches iTunes). Find out about “The Future of the Internet” (iTunes) from Stanford University, view the virgin “Mary in Folk Art and Belief” (iTunes) at Otis College of Art and Design, or figure out “Physics for Future Presidents” from UC Berkeley