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Mad World

Two very different videos, both with the same song, both beautiful in their own opposite ways. First, a TV ad for the video game Gears of War:

Next, the music video for the song:

The song’s a cover (improvement) of Tears for Fears “Mad World.” It was done for the Donnie Darko soundtrack (the music video is on the Director’s Cut) — a great flick w/ score by composer & pianist Michael Andrews. The singer is Gary Jules.

That’s Jules and Andrews are on the rooftop of the music vid, which was directed by filmmaker Michel Gondry (Endless Sunshine, Human Nature, Science of Sleep).

OCD Chips

Chips from the right
Chips dead center
Chips from the left

The other night, I walked into a liquor store in San Diego. I wanted a bag of chips. I walked over to the rack. I couldn’t buy the bag of chips. But I left with a new found respect for OCD.

It’s a behaviour that can produce aesthetically pleasing results.

I downloaded some audio (OCD Chips, the soundtrack mp3) from an experimental narrative film about OCD called “Closed In,” filmed by Nathan Heartman.

I like to imagine it’s what goes through the store owner’s head when he’s putting chips on the shelves. Listen here: