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The Price of Liberty

Robert Hormats, a vice chairman of Goldman Sachs, has a new book out – The Price of Liberty – on the history of America’s war financing. From the time of Alexander Hamilton, this country has always financed its wars when they occurred – until the current war in Iraq. “One central, constant theme emerges: sound national finances have proved to be indispensable to the country’s military strength” (and long-term national security). Obviously, our finances have never been more unsound. So where are we headed this time?

Marketwatch review

BBC– Saving Sounds of History

Radio snetwork logoAn hour from BBC Radio 4 Archive Hour: Saving the Sounds of History. “The BBC Sound Archive, one of the most important collections in the world, began almost by accident one day in the 1930s when Marie Slocombe, a temporary secretary, was told to clear out some old records. The first batch included recordings by George Bernard Shaw and Winston Churchill. Slocombe held on to them and spent the rest of her career developing the collection, from the great and the good to the experiences of ordinary people.”

Slocombe: “First, a pilot on the wing of a burning plane in mid-air…” Next week’s BBC Archive Hour is The Sound of America: The Story of NPR.

via Rich Halten.

NPR Declaration in Sound

CD coverNPR has a new CD collection called The Declaration in Sound. Most of the tracks are NPR intervus and commentaries; ya know, Edwards, Krulwich, Stamberg and such on presidential drinking problems and Declaration of Independence quotes, like “Cruelty & Perfidy,” “of justice and of consanguinity,” and “merciless Indian Savages.”

But check track six. That one’s a masterpiece.

Memorial Day- For the Fallen

Coast Guard salutes at grave.Our Memorial Day hour special, “For The Fallen,” airs on 300+ 370+ stations this weekend. Check the webwork for audio, casualty charts, and video slideshow. The host is Major Robert Schaefer, US Army Special Forces, a poet and Green Beret.

Morse Music

Music to learn Morse Code by, set to song by Andrew Crawford (mp3 2:51):

Phonetic Letter Code
Alpha (AL-fah) A .-
Bravo (BRAH-voh) B -…
Charlie (CHAR-lee) C -.-.
Delta (DELL-tah) D -..
Echo (ECK-oh) E .
Foxtrot (FOKS-trot) F ..-.
Golf (GOLF) G –.
Hotel (hoh-TELL) H ….
India (IN-dee-ah) I ..
Juliet (JEW-lee-ETT) J .—
Kilo (KEY-loh) K -.-
Lima (LEE-mah) L .-..
Mike (MIKE) M
November (no-VEM-ber) N -.
Oscar (OSS-cah) O
Papa (pah-PAH) P .–.
Quebec (keh-BECK) Q –.-
Romeo (ROW-me-oh) R .-.
Sierra (see-AIR-rah) S
Tango (TANG-GO) T
Uniform (YOU-nee-form) U ..-
Victor (VIK-tah) V …-
Whiskey (WISS-key) W .–
X-ray (ECKS-ray) X -..-
Yankee (YANG-key) Y -.–
Zulu (ZOO-loo) Z –..
Character Code
1 .—-
2 ..—
3 …–
4 ….-
5 …..
6 -….
7 –…
8 —..
9 —-.
0 —–
Period (Break) .-.-.-
Comma –..–
Question Mark ..–..
Double Dash (BT) -…-
Fraction Bar -..-.
End of Message (AR) .-.-.
End of Contact (SK or VA) …-.-
Commat “@” sign (AC)
(Adopted by ITU in 2004)

Make your own Morse Code Music.

9/11 Live: The NORAD Tapes

Michael Bronner wrote this real-world drama from 9/11 Live: The NORAD Tapes (August 2006 Vanity Fair). This web version is accompanied by mp3s from tapes labeled “Northeast Air Defense Sector—DAT Audio Files—11 Sep 2001.” Here’s an excerpt, a conversation between NORAD’s Senior Airman Stacia Rountree, Tech Sergeant Shelley Watson, Master Sergeant Maureen Dooley:
ROUNTREE: A plane just hit the World Trade Center.
ROUNTREE: Was it a 737?
UNIDENTIFIED MALE (background): Hit what?
WATSON: The World Trade Center–
DOOLEY: Who are you talking to? [Gasps.]

NORAD: Is this real-world or exercise?
BOSTON CENTER: No, this is not an exercise, not a test.