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Granma’s Mashup

You’ve heard a Ninja explain podcasts, why not an 88 year-old granma on mashups– “Now, before we get our freak on, we need to match up our beats.” (found at WFMU’s BOTB):

Mad props and prunes to DJ Sue Teller (viral marketer?); check out her-space.

Tin Can Orchestra

An instrument called the sascatunerWeekend America ran the HV story “Tin Can Orchestra” by Ann Heppermann & Kara Oehler: Bobby Hansson is a phtogrpaher, filmmaker, blacksmith, and tin can artist. He’s created an orchestra of musical instruments from them, and other dumpstered materials. They’ve never been played all together before. Until now, for this radio piece. His book is The Fine Art of the Tin Can: Techniques and Inspirations.

This is Bobby Hansson with his friend Andrew Hayes holding the “sascatuner,” a musical instrument made out of a bicycle seat, two horns, plastic tubing and a trumpet mouthpiece.

xThis is where Bobby fires the coals for his blacksmithing work. He built the coal forge himself.

Blacksmith shopBobby’s blacksmith shop. He built it himself out of old tires, recylced wood and bottles for the windows. To the right,
you can see the speaker where he rigged up a record player to blast
opera music.

Bobby seated under his American Golthic artworkBobby sitting in the kitchen table with his own rendition of American Gothic hanging above him.

Bobby Hansson playing “Big Gray Elephant” on an instrument he made out of a giant maple syrup can (0:29):

Mad World

Two very different videos, both with the same song, both beautiful in their own opposite ways. First, a TV ad for the video game Gears of War:

Next, the music video for the song:

The song’s a cover (improvement) of Tears for Fears “Mad World.” It was done for the Donnie Darko soundtrack (the music video is on the Director’s Cut) — a great flick w/ score by composer & pianist Michael Andrews. The singer is Gary Jules.

That’s Jules and Andrews are on the rooftop of the music vid, which was directed by filmmaker Michel Gondry (Endless Sunshine, Human Nature, Science of Sleep).

Sam Jackson’s Stack-O-Lee

Once again I try to get music stuck in my head out, and into yours. This week it’s Samuel L Jackson’s smokin’ cover of the trad Stack-O-Lee (mp3):

It’s from the soundtrack to the movie Black Snake Moan, w/ R L Burnside’s band backing. For you fellow on-air radio types, here’s an edited (de-fuq-ified) FCC-friendly clean mp3, cuz the original sure ain’t.

Found the file at Salon‘s Daily Download, which also linked to the masterful Mississippi John Hurt 1928 vers (mp3 at archive.org):