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Iraq: From Dubai

In Baghdad, in the belly of a Stryker[“Iraq: Christmas 2009“: observations, images and sounds from Iraq, Christmas 2009, a series of posts by Jake Warga.]

Last night I flew in a C-17 military transport.

Today I rode through the red-zone of Baghdad in the belly of a blast-proof stryker.

Tonight I fly in a helicoptor to Northern Iraq, possibly in a Blackhawk.

A ride in a bullet proof suburban.

I hope I don’t get a fuel bill for my transportation.

I’m eating in dining halls where you can’t bring bags or wear hats, but you are REQUIRED to have a weapon (I have only my wit).

Had crab legs for lunch, lean times.

Got a cold sleeping in a tent last night in a thunder storm.

I can hear prayer to call, earlier I heard gunfire, but I’m surrounded by concrete walls… just like in Israel.

I’m learning that the success of a soldier is not measured in bravery, but patience.

Dune bashing in Dubai, Arabs in SUV riding in desert

More photos from Dubai. Above: Dune bashing in the desert. Below: View from my hotel, Dubai Marina Area.

View from hotel at night, the lights and buildings of Dubai Marina Area

Text, audio, images © 2009 Jake Warga.

Blue Earth Arc

The blue arc of Earth, photographed by the European Space Agency- Rosetta spacecraft:

ESA’s photo data:

Image of the Earth acquired with the OSIRIS narrow-angle camera from a distance of 633 000 km on 12 November 2009 at 13:28 CET. The resolution is 12 km/pixel. The image is a part of a sequence of images taken every hour through one full rotation (24 hours). The movie will be published later.

The ESA has posted a hi-rez vers (206KB) of Earth from Rosetta. More info at ESA news, the Rosetta Blog, and this Wired article:

This gorgeous image of a blue arc of the Earth against the blackness of space was captured by the Rosetta spacecraft as it swung by our planet.

The European Space Agency mission is on its way to intercept the comet, 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. The ship will deploy a lander onto the comet’s surface, the first such attempt to be made.

To gather up the necessary energy to reach the comet out past Mars’ orbit, Rosetta needed three swings past Earth. This is its third and final flyby. It will reach the comet in early 2014.

Unlike the most famous pictures of Earth, which show most of the blue marble, this photo presents a planet in darkness, just the South Pole awash in light.

Rosetta: blog | site | timeline | ESA Ops

Women of Troy

Indie producer Lu Olkowski debuted her In Verse: Women of Troy on this week’s Studio 360:

A century ago, Troy, New York, was a thriving industrial capital. Today many of its residents live in poverty. Studio 360’s Lu Olkowski went to Troy with poet Susan B.A. Somers-Willet and photographer Brenda Ann Kenneally to document some of Troy’s stories. They spent a lot of time with a single mother, Billie Jean Hill.

The result is poetry as journalism w/ some staggeringly accurate and beautiful photos:

In Verse: Women of Troy from InVerse Vimeo videos.

In Verse: PRX | MQ2 | Transom.org | Vimeo | iPhone app

Photographer Brenda Ann Kenneally has a film on Troy NY: Upstate Girls.

Health Care Tea Party

Bozeman Tea Party members with signsScenes from the Health Care controversy: President Obama and the WH press corps flew into Belgrade, Montana last Friday, for a Town Hall, held in an airport hanger.

The event lasted an hour. The president spoke, took a few questions, then POTUSA and posse headed off to the next stops in their weekend media invasion of the West: Yellowstone, Grand Junction Junction, Colorado, the Grand Canyon, then back to DC.

Meanwhile, one half mile away, those who didn’t have or didn’t want Town Hall tickets began gathering at dawn in a farmer’s field, the designated a free speech zone. Thousands showed up: protesters and Tea Party-ers next to pro-health care reformers and single-payer proponents. They stayed for hours, thru rain, hail, and thunder. They shouted slogans. They listened to speakers. They listened to the President over the radio. Occasionally, they listened to each other. It was a day of division, debate, and democracy.

“Day of Democracy” (8:31 mp3):

Voices include Chief Bill Dove, Linda Kenoyer, Tom Hunter, Don McClarty, Bob Adney, Alene Brackman, John Chaffer, Kent Madin, Lance Criaghead, Henry Kriegel, Joanne Kessler, Tammy Hall, and Bob Folsick.

Local talk-radio host Henry Kriegel rousing the T-Party:
Speaker on top of fire truck with Bozeman Tea Party signs

Here in Montana we start ’em early:
Kids with anti-socialism signs More…

Mexico’s Drugs- Big Pic

The Big Picture, the Boston Globe photo blog, has some striking images from “Mexico’s Drug War.”

Members of the drug organization Cardenas Guillen

Yaneth Deyinara Garcia (center) and Sigifrido Najera (2nd from left), members of the drug organization “Cardenas Guillen”, are presented to the press at the headquarters of the Defense Secretary in Mexico City on March 20, 2009. (LUIS ACOSTA/AFP/Getty Images)

Peter Funch Photos

Danish “contemporary art photographer” Peter Funch has this view of “Communicating Community”:

Communicating Community, photo by Peter Funch; people in NYC on cell phones

© Peter Funch

From his exhibit at Babel Tales at Denmark’s V1 Gallery. “All the pictures in the exhibition have been taken during a span of 10-14 days from six different street corners in New York.” More Funch fotos: V1 | Getty.

via HG.

One in 8 Million

Series logoOne in 8 Million is a new online NYTimes series photo-sound portraits: “A collection of stories from the legions of characters who call New York’s five boroughs home. A new story will be added weekly.”

LIFE pix

Google posted the LIFE photo archive, “millions of photographs from the LIFE photo archive, stretching from the 1750s to today. Most were never published and are now available for the first time.”

To search only the LIFE photo archive, add source:life to any Google image search. Here’s some gems from radio source:life search:

Farm family gathered around table on which radio receiver is set & listening to radio for entertainment. Location: Hood River County, OR, US / Date taken: July 20, 1925 © Time Inc. More…


Exodus/Éxodo is a new book (Amazon) with words by Charles Bowden and photographs by Julián Cardona . Excerpt:

Consider this: you get up at 5 a.m. You live in a one-room shack and pay $59 a month in rent. Your address is on the outskirts of the world’s second largest megalopolis, México City. You share this shack with your woman, a niece and your child. At 5:30 a.m. you’re on the bus, a ninety-minute ride for $2.45 a day roundtrip. You work in a tortilla shop for $1.64 an hour, eleven hours a day, six days a week. A gallon of milk at the store, the electricity that lights your shack, the fuel running the bus, all these things cost more than in the United States. Basically, everything costs more than in the United States — except labor.

Mexican civilization existed before the American people were even a thought. Americans have come to the game very recently, and like so many new arrivals believe they possess all the answers. At the moment, human beings are moving all over the planet to save their hides. Things have been upended, the moon rises at a strange hour, it is blood red, and dripping with hunger.