Health Care Tea Party

Bozeman Tea Party members with signsScenes from the Health Care controversy: President Obama and the WH press corps flew into Belgrade, Montana last Friday, for a Town Hall, held in an airport hanger.

The event lasted an hour. The president spoke, took a few questions, then POTUSA and posse headed off to the next stops in their weekend media invasion of the West: Yellowstone, Grand Junction Junction, Colorado, the Grand Canyon, then back to DC.

Meanwhile, one half mile away, those who didn’t have or didn’t want Town Hall tickets began gathering at dawn in a farmer’s field, the designated a free speech zone. Thousands showed up: protesters and Tea Party-ers next to pro-health care reformers and single-payer proponents. They stayed for hours, thru rain, hail, and thunder. They shouted slogans. They listened to speakers. They listened to the President over the radio. Occasionally, they listened to each other. It was a day of division, debate, and democracy.

“Day of Democracy” (8:31 mp3):

Voices include Chief Bill Dove, Linda Kenoyer, Tom Hunter, Don McClarty, Bob Adney, Alene Brackman, John Chaffer, Kent Madin, Lance Criaghead, Henry Kriegel, Joanne Kessler, Tammy Hall, and Bob Folsick.

Local talk-radio host Henry Kriegel rousing the T-Party:
Speaker on top of fire truck with Bozeman Tea Party signs

Here in Montana we start ’em early:
Kids with anti-socialism signs

There was lotsa chanting, pushing, some shoving, and the occasional discussion, like this one between Tom Hunter and Don McClarty:
Two men talking, one with anti-socialism sign, the other with single-payer sign

Bob and Kathy Foslick drove eight hours from Whitefish MT to support this “second revolution”:
Couple with anti-socialized medicine sign

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Comment removed by request of commenter, RealVet.

Comment added by RealVet on 08.15.09

Comment removed by request of commenter, RealVet., which is too bad, cuz we like a good rant.

Comment added by RealVet on 08.15.09

hey Real Vet:
that pubradio journalist you mentioned was me, aka, the guy who runs this blog, aka, the guy who posted above pics, aka the guy who’ll be listening to my intervu w/ya soon and posting audio if anything you had to say was good.

i told you those things, cuz:
1. they’re partially true.
2. wanted to stimulate your a response from you.


Comment added by BG on 08.15.09

I look forward to a debate on healthcare issues, rather than setting up straw men and name calling within an echo chamber. Assuming the worst about the “other side” leads nowhere!

Comment added by Carman on 08.15.09

Hey bg-
Wondering what kind of “editing” you are going to do. Taking things out of context will only fuel the fire. Telling the truth just may be our salvation. Or does anyone even know what the truth is anymore? I know this-the crap you hear on the main stream media is slanted that even they wouldn’t know the truth if it came up and took a bite out of their neck. Just like they are doing to the good old USA. Nothing but blood sucking vampires with an agenda to fool the American people. That will only go so far and when the house of cards falls on their act-there will be hell to pay. Guess we’ll all see how this end game shakes out-sure wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side of this history.

Comment added by MB on 08.15.09

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