8 TOW: Final Version

TOW Story Assignment: Final Version

  1. Post your final version at our TOW Group.
  2. Discuss other people’s pieces in the group.
  3. Congratulation on completing the TOW.


Produce a broadcast-worthy piece that has a coherent narrative.


Mentor Notes

If you’ve gotten this far, you did something that’s really quite difficult — going out and interviewing and interviewing people, then making an audio or video story, then figuring out how to get it on the web. I’m sure you feel you could have done a better job, but this is always the case, for everyone. The important thing is you got it done, and so now you can go on to the next thing, which I hope you all will do. Each time you do something you learn something new and get better at it, but then it’s never as good as you’d like it to be. So you try again, and again. At least that’s how it is for me.

Anyway, thank you for your effort and enthusiasm. I hope this workshop has been of some use to you. Our main goal, besides all the technical stuff, was to help you gain some confidence and inspiration. I think those are the most important things for a writer/producer. All the technical problems can be figured out with practice, but if you don’t have confidence and inspiration you’ll never get to the practice field.

And thank you for being open to exposing your raw work to all your friends. Maybe it will grow into something big. I hope all of you keep producing stories. Maybe in the near future Transom will have it’s own online multimedia magazine where all our work can be published on a regular basis. That seems like the next step to me.

Good luck, everyone.

— Scott Carrier, Mentor, TOW Basics: Multimedia Storytelling