March: Her Story
Works By & About Women

Private Investigator
—Erica Heilman

1 A private investigator and radio producer share skills: you ask questions, try to figure what happened, then make a report. (11:10)

Cancer Monologs
—Dmae Roberts

2 Three women, a Chicana, African American and Romanian immigrant, describe their different approaches to surviving breast cancer. (8:43)

—damali ayo

3 A performance artist heads to hardware stores looking for paint in shades of dark brown… her own: face, inner thigh, left breast. (5:09)

Story of Stuff
—Chase Sbicca

4 Annie Leonard spent a decade researching where consumer stuff comes from, how it’s manufactured, who that effects, and where it ends up. (7:01)

Surrounded by Lights
—Erin Mishkin

5 A very busy day with Amy Jo, a single mother of two toddlers. Everyday she strives to fulfill the promise for a better life she made to her daughter. (6:46)

Jan and Jack Kerouac
—Marjorie Van Halteren

6 A father-daughter dialog: Jack Kerouac’s daughter Jan, reads her an ode to her rarely seen dad; intertwined with Kerouac’s speeches and prose. (6:04)

Kiss and Dying
—Ceil Muller

7 An etiquette list if hospital behavior, and misbehavior, for those who are dying, and for the soon-to-be survivors. (7:45)

Miracle on the Streets
—Dmae Roberts

8 Miracle Draven was a homeless girl on the streets of Portland, Oregon. She recounts a day in her life as a crystal meth addict. (2:25)

Off the Bus
—Carmen Delzell

9 Let off the bus form Mexico at 5 a.m., with $5 in her pocket, at the 24-hour supermarket in Texas. The producer wonders "What’s next?" (4:30)

Office Yoga
—Rebecca Flowers

10 A more realistic approach to spiritual awareness: yogo for oppressed office corporate clones (2:10)

Memory Box Project
—Sandra Rattley

11 African AIDS workers share the insides of "memory boxes," keepsakes for orphaned children to remember their parents. (4:10)

PNG Women
—Skye Rohde

12 Tradition and culture collide in Papua New Guinea, as women try to balance gender roles and having choices. (4:04)

Quiet Kids
—Hillary Frank

13 Our loud world leaves little room for those who can’t shout. Listen closely as four teens talk about why they are quiet. (3:23)

Horse Therapy
—Dmae Roberts

14 Kids with disabilities are working with horses in a new kind of therapy that’s both physical and emotional. (5:01)

Cringe Love
—Nancy Updike

15 A look back at relationships you can’t believe actually happened. You stayed too long, put up with too much, said such nasty things. (11:21)

Living Without
—Sarah Vowell

16 The alienation and embarrassments caused by wheat-allergies reveala secret obsession with a magazine devoted to food sensitivities." (6:50)