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Siri says, “You bore me.”

By 2011.10.24 tags: . Comment»

When Siri, the smartphone assistant, become self-aware this weekend, it realized


By 2008.10.23 tags: , , . Comment»

iProRecorder is a 99-cent  audio-recorder app for the iPhone/iPod Touch (w/ external iPod

iTunes U

By 2007.07.06 tags: , , . Comment»

Inside the newly released iTunes 7.3 is an online University. iTunes

Palo Alto iPhoners

By 2007.06.30 tags: , . Comment»

1 Day before video from Podtech's Micheal Johnson:

Oakbog – Maintaining your Mac

By 2007.03.09 tags: , . Comment»

Oakbog - Maintaining your Macintosh, a new reference from Oakbog studios

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