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HV132- Musicality of Speech

By 2012.02.18 tags: , , , , , . 1 Comment»
HV/Series/Episode/ Work by: Radiolab

A history of what composer Steve Reich calls speech-melodies.

Western Soundscape Archive

By 2012.01.10 tags: , . Comment»
Work by: Jeff Rice

The Western Soundscape Archive houses thousands of audio recordings: "570 different Western

Hard Day’s Chord

By 2011.12.15 tags: , . Comment»

I've heard of movie SFX folk using mutli-layers of disparate sources

Stereo Stack

By 2011.11.09 tags: , , . Comment»

Are you ready for the Wall-to-Wall Wonderland of Dual Dynamic, Kaleidoscopic,

Playtagger- Mod

By 2011.10.06 tags: , , , . 2 Comments»

The Delicious Playtagger seems to be gone, for now, maybe forever--

Random Tape

By 2011.09.14 tags: , . Comment»
Work by: David Weinberg

Random Tape is a new sound-drenched website by David Weinberg, featuring

HV097- Crow Fair II

The Great Plains tribes on the Crow Reservation, Apsaalooke Nation, part two (of two).

HV096- Crow Fair I

The five-day festival of the Apsaalooke Nation, part one of two.

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