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Stereo Stack

Are you ready for the Wall-to-Wall Wonderland of Dual Dynamic, Kaleidoscopic,

Playtagger- Mod

The Delicious Playtagger seems to be gone, for now, maybe forever--

Random Tape

Random Tape is a new sound-drenched website by David Weinberg, featuring

HV097- Crow Fair II

The Great Plains tribes on the Crow Reservation, Apsaalooke Nation, part two (of two).

PRX Shares

PRX brought enuf for the whole class: they're now Sharing Pieces


Expialidocious is up again. "Guess Who’s Back In Wonderland," sez cut-up

Faces: Africa

Now showing at the Seattle Art Museum a photo-audio exhibit, by


Chris Engles, photographer and radio producer (site | blip.tv | prx),

Energy Field

A new sound symphony by Jana Winderen artist/recordist is out on

The [Un]Observed

The [Un]Observed is a new Radio Magazine whose stories cross genres,

The Levelator

Major update release of The Levelator®  (free: mac, win & lin)

Spooky Antarctic

DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid combines field-recordings and feelings he collected

2 Vietnam Vets

For Veteran's Day an audio story on SoundRich: Viet Nam Detachment

The Corner

Among the great oddio-viz coming out of Maker's Quest is The