Kiss & Dying cast

As promised in prev post, here’s our latest HV Podcast:

May Ray photoThe Kiss and the Dying by Ceil Muller (7:36)
“His mouth might have been the most antiseptic place in that hospital. Certainly it was the most welcoming. Greedily reaching out for every possible life giving experience he could get. Death was not without pride, it just was greedy.” An etiquette list for those who may be dying soon, and for the soon-to-be survivors. (Photo by Man Ray.)

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Hello, Namaste,
I listened to your audio file and really enjoyed it. Thank You, it made me cry:) I think I may die soon and I am going to mention the Effiel Tower to my loved ones just for fun. Keep up the Good fight.

H Ortiz

Comment added by Henry Ortiz on 04.20.07

Ceil Muller’s The Kiss and the Dying should be required listening for every doctor, nurse and health care provider. This civilizing jewel underscores why we must ensure NPR, provider of such sorely needed thoughtfulness, remains not just funded by our nation’s government, but extolled, promoted.

Comment added by Mike Scott on 02.19.11

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