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Wolfman Jack on-airFrom this weekend’s NPR/WNYC On The Media, a report on Mexican border radio.

“For over 50 years, outlaw American radio broadcasters exploited a legal loophole and aired powerful pirate radio from the Mexican side of the border. So called ‘border blasters’ – or ‘X stations’ – were true innovators whose influence continues to be felt today. OTM’s Jamie York tells the story.”

With powers as high as 1M Watts — 10X that of the largest legal US transmitters — “locals saw it electrocute birds in mid-flight,” sez reporter Jamie York. From selling goat glands and baby chicks, to live love-making, to giving Wolfman Jack, Woody Guthrie, and the Carter Family an international audience, “The X Factor” (16:49 mp3):

via Kathy: Creative PR.

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