2 Minute Film Noir

ZBS Productions new series is 2 Minute Film Noir, “stories about gangsters, bimbos, cons, cops, lovers, losers, platinum blondes, mink coats, high heels, and neon signs reflecting on rain-slicked streets.”

It’s radio dramedy at its finest, and they’ve allowed us to sneak prevu the series right here. So, ladies and gentleman, butter your popcorn, grab your dates, and head into the audio theatre. It’s time for the 2MFN world premiere, with “You’re In For It Now, Pal” (1:30):

And here’s the gorgeous series poster (illustration by Jaye Oliver):

Series poster

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Comments (6)

Tom Lopez rocks and so does Hearing Voices. This is great stuff.


Comment added by Sue Schardt on 02.12.08

I agree, it is snappy and fun, like all of ZBS’s programs.

Comment added by kathy gronau on 02.12.08

Interesting characters. Snappy dialogue The switching POV works just right for keeping attention up. A lot of story for a minute and a half. I don’t know if each 2 Minute Film Noir is stand alone, or if the entire series follows a story arc, but I was left wanting to know more about the two characters in this segment.

Comment added by Pat Keleher on 02.13.08

This is incredible work. Tom Lopez is amazing! I hope there’s more…

Comment added by Dmae Roberts on 02.22.08

I wish I was dare to do stuff wit cha.

Comment added by Steve on 02.28.08

Love it.

Comment added by Richard Stadler on 06.15.21

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