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HV animated earHearing Voices is now a new weekly hour series. We’re calling it The Best of Public Radio; a sixty-minute stream of “driveway moments” all connected by a weekly theme. We listen to broadcasts and podcasts; we dig through audio archives; and we scour the web to find the best stories, sound-portraits, slam poets, docs, radio dramas, features, and found-sound.

Each week a new Guest Host steers the show home. About 15 stations all already on board — broadcast schedules coming soon. Here’s a sample from our very first hour, airing next weekend, and hosted by Katie Davis of Neighborhood Stories; it’s called “Street Map” (9:24 mp3):

NPR logoGood news: Last week we signed a deal w/ NPR®. They take care of our distribution and podcast. We take listeners for wild weekly radio rides. Good deal, huh? Reminds us of Car Talk’s disclaimers, “And even tho Robert Siegal spills his soy cappuccino over his Opera Divas Disrobed calendar every time he hears us say it, this is NPR, National Public Radio.”

So we ask you a simple question; which you, in turn, might pose to your local station: “Are your Hearing Voices?”
HV Series Promo 1 (0:30 mp3):

HV Series Promo 2 (0:30 mp3):

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