LB Grand Prix

Open-wheel race carBeen outta touch for a week — I was off snortin’ methanol and splittin’ eardrums. Drove down to the Long Beach Grand Prix, an ocean-side street race with open-wheel drivers from around the globe. Two-hundred thousand fans around a two mile course of Fast & Loud in downtown LB — by fast I mean 186mph avg and 200+ on the straightaways; and loud, well, the punk bands we heard one night at an LB club were whispers compared to those race engines. When they go by, you’re ears sizzle. Haven’t heard much yet of the hours of recordings we captured, but, for now, here’s a half-minute taste of the “LB Grand Prix- Champ Cars 1” (0:31 mp3):

When the Tecate® Girls saw my co-recordist, Joe Skyward, they insisted he squeeze into this picture with them — something these ladies will treasure forever:
Tecate girls and Joe Bass

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Hahaha oh Joe you are too kind. Sometimes you just have to say no. You can’t be bothered to take pictures with average looking ladies all day. You have work to do, right?

Comment added by Chase on 04.24.08

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