Leni Holliman

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Radio producer Leni Holliman died this week. She a PRX Most Licensed Producer; creater of the popular series Day by Day with Lewis & Clark, and the Arts and Humanities Producer for Yellowstone Public Radio, and just good folk. As she sez: “So I’m this chick who lives up in Montana and makes radio.”

The Micro Fiber Militia blog noted this crocheted-graffiti in honor of Leni outside the Yellowstone Art Museum:
Crocheeted bike rack

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I miss you already sis.

I miss those casual emails about the moments of life through our life-long connection.

I was watching an old Star Trek episode from the original series the weekend before you passed. The scene was the bridge of the Romulan battle ship that had cross the nuetral zone. When shaken by the force of an Enterprise-phaser blast, the speacial effects included sand, dirt, and dust falling from the ceiling. Isn’t it rather odd that a space ship would be constructed with sand, dirt, and dust?

Warm and humid in Madison.


Comment added by Joe Holliman on 07.28.08

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