Brooklyn Pigeons

Recently on NPR Day to Day— Like his father before him, Michael Scott breeds “primo” pigeons, trained athletes, in his native Brooklyn. One of his coops is in Canarsie, on top of his grandmother’s house. By producer Owen Agnew, for HV and SALT.

“Breeding Brooklyn Pigeons” (3:14 mp3):

Photos © Allison Lucas:

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Comments (8)

i want some pigeons

Comment added by asif on 08.02.09

nice bird in pick got any rollers at shop

Comment added by wesley on 09.07.09

hi. you haw beautiful pigeons.

Comment added by ismet on 09.08.09

would love to get 8 pair’s
how do we do this

Comment added by tony wellington on 10.08.09

i can give u a lot of fancy pigeons 4rm pakistan. contact me at this number.03348705037.

Comment added by hassan on 10.30.09

Thats a great piece U narrated on tha N.P.R. joint Mr. Scott I have a familey of baldhead rollerz that I’ve been sculpting into what I believe is one of the soon to be most talked about(,or maybe I’m just tooting my on horn) roller strain of birds that are,well just out of sight! Now your name (the Scott Name) proceeds it’s self. You boys have doing, to my knowledge, thing that others only dream to. So with that said I would like to some how offer or astablish a type of common ground.

Comment added by JASON hALLETT on 11.23.10

I want to by some pigeons

Comment added by Carlos Perez on 04.17.12

A pigeon (rock dove) adopted me this past July. He lives on my house and I want to make sure he has shelter for the winter. I’d also like to know more about carding for him. Any advice I’d be grateful for…. Thank you, Nina

Comment added by Nina on 10.31.18

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