HV034- To War

UH1 Helicopters flying in Vietnam at sunriseHearing Voices from NPR®
034 To War: Getting In and Getting Out
Host: Scott Carrier of Hearing Voices
Airs week of: 2009-11-18 (Originally: 2008-10-22)

“To War” (52:00 mp3):

We get out of one conflict and into another:

“Ready for War?” (22:20) Scott Carrier

Our show host travels the country in early October 2001, asking everyone the same question: “Are You Ready for War?”

“Goodbye to Saigon” (21:30) narrator: Noah Adams, producer: Art Silverman.

An NPR chronicle leading up to the last day of US flights out of the Vietnam War, 30 April 1975: the fall of Saigon, with original recordings by one of the helicopter pilots.

U.S. Helicopters at dawn
UH1 helicopters at sunrise in Vietnam, photo by Lowell Eneix, 121st Assault Helicopter Company, US Army (from Vietnam Helicopter online gallery).

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Comments (3)

I listened to HV034 while jogging in a slash pine / palmetto palm forest in SWFla. I thought it was absolutely brilliant. I particularly enjoyed ‘Goodbye to Saigon’; I graduated university in 1966; I did not serve in the military; I did work 35+ years in the National Security arena. I brought back many memories. It provided color. regards, jrbox

Comment added by Jack R. Box on 03.17.09

I happened on this by accident NOVEMBER 21, 2009 and i am appalled. I opposed the Vietnam war from 1963 as well as the many other US wars from Grenada, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Iraq, Afghanistan, Columbia, Venezuela etc. etc. ad infinitum. War does not equal patriotism no matter what the propaganda outlets in our country desire. I wish I could be optimistic but I am not.

Comment added by catherine clyde on 11.21.09

Most of the Vietnam soldiers felt that we “dumped” the So. Vietnamese. The desperation at the Embassy to save those people who committed to the US and the decisions to abandon them are exemplary of what divided the entire country. I never knew how high up in command the order came from but indeed it didn’t come from those who were in country. I also recommend “The Case Against Kissinger” series in Harpers Magazine to those who want an understanding of command decisions.
Thanks for the truth.

Comment added by Bill Smith on 11.25.09

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