HV044- Memory Book

Phrenology of the Brain drawingHearing Voices from NPR®
044 Memory Book: Looking Back at Life
Host: Ceil Muller of KQED-FM
Airs week of: 2010-04-14 (Originally: 2008-12-31)

“Memory Book” (52:00 mp3):

Recollections, remembrances, and mnemonics for recalling time:

“Lynchpins” (10:19) Joe Frank

Lester Nafzger recites his litany of lynchpins, memories that lock his life together, excerpted from Joe Frank’s hour Performer.

“Persistence of Memorex” (8:20) Ceil Muller

Host Ceil Muller takes us on a tour of her own memory palace, made with bits of unused tape recordings gathered over the years.

“Death in Venice” (26:30) Larry Massett

We roam the beach with retired folk in Venice, Florida, finding seashells, shark’s teeth and distant memories; narrated by Joe Frank, piano by Larry Massett.

“Remember Me” (1:30 excerpt) The Moving Star Hall Singers

From the album Been in the Storm So Long: A Collection of Spirituals, Folk Tales and Children’s Games from Johns Island, SC (Smithsonian Folkways).

Drawing at top: Phrenology Symbolized, © 1895– by Prof. Wm. Windsor: The Symbolical Phrenological Head, Showing the Location of the organs of the Brain; from his book How to Become Rich (1898).

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Comments (5)

Good stuff last week… I have to find out if they are casting it
on WQCS – I am back in Florida… At least warmer here!

Comment added by John Hungerford on 01.07.09

I love listening to talk radio and NPR is one of my favorites. My son lives in Japan and we communicate via e-mail (sadly the writing of letters is almost obsolete). I’ve got him hooked on NPR so we have that in common. The stories on Hearing Voices were very interesting and a Lynchpin in and of itself to remember NPR.

Comment added by Amy on 04.26.10

Very Interesting Stuff ^_^

Comment added by Vince on 04.27.10

Hey HV – what’s the fiddle tune under Ceil’s narration after Lynchpins?

Comment added by Chance on 10.16.10

[…] interview with Lester Nafzger called “Lynchpins”, which you can listen to on Hearing Voice’s (an NPR production) website. Nafzger talks about a moment early in childhood when he had the thought, “I will remember […]

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