Ritual Magic

This weeks HV Podcast— Sampling the “Ritual Magic” of a voodoo Santera, soaks in a spirit bath, the producer prays for sex, adventure, and central heat. By producer Carmen Delzell, “Ritual Magic” (4:39 mp3):

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Comments (4)

What a great piece.

Comment added by Ben Adair on 12.02.08

Loved the story…is it an excerpt from a magazine or book…..i would like to know the rest of the story…..

Comment added by joseph armendarez on 04.05.09

Not an excerpt, just a commentary for the radio.

Comment added by BG on 04.05.09

This story is true. I have more voo doo stories but I’m afraid I’ll be branded a witch by my ex boyfriend.

Comment added by Carmen Delzell on 06.12.10

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