HV048- Juarez, Mexico

Mexican military on Juarez streetsHearing Voices from NPR®
048 Juárez, Mexico: City on the Border
Host: Scott Carrier of Hearing Voices
Airs week of: 2010-04-28 (Originally: 2009-01-28)

“Juarez, Mexico” (52:00 mp3):

We go to a war zone, just to our south:

“Cuidad Juárez” (52:00) Scott Carrier

Four years of reports on life in the Mexican border-town of Ciudad Juárez, with poverty and corruption, with daily drug-cartel murders and military violence. Told by photographer/Juarez resident Julián Cardona, author Charles Bowden, and host Scott Carrier.

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Comments (14)

When will the audio be posted? I have several friends who are former residents of Juarez that need to listen to this article. Thanks for your reporting!

Comment added by Daniel Jeffries on 01.30.09

This was a great segment this morning at WNYC. I thought the reporting and clarity of the topic were excellent. Good reporting job on this unsettling issue. Thank you.

Comment added by Yvon on 02.01.09

Wonderful program. US Citizens need to understand the extent of the collapse of civil society in Mexico.

A follow up program on how US Policy is being formed in light of this would be great.

Comment added by Dawn Suter on 02.03.09

I listened to 52 minutes of human suffering. Now my question is, do these people of Mexico really know what the American Dream is? Why would they ruin my and my children American Dream of happiness and a great life? Why would the people of Mexico come into my country and bring their disease way of living here? The Mexicans have no idea of living by social, civilized, and practical standards. We Americans need to stand up for our country and get this wide spread diseased culture out, so we as Americans can finally live our American Dream. I am sad for Mexico, but I am more sad for America that has to continue to fight off this horrific travisty that is has totally affected our American lifes. I refuse to live the life of the Mexicans fear and life sytle in my country. Keep your fears and life style out of our country.

Comment added by Kat on 03.26.09

I think that Kat needs to listen to the article again and pay attention at the source of the drug problem.

Comment added by Kellen on 04.06.09

i agree with kellen. and i add that kat sounds nuts.

Comment added by bryan on 04.16.09

America is the disease. the American Dream is self-serving greed without thinking of the global and environmental effects. Mexicans are highly civilized, which is evident in their family relations which Americans lack. Their break down in political and social structure is a result of years of colonial oppression, and countries who feed off the labor of underdeveloped countries by passing labor laws. By the way Mexicans have been here longer than you and many have land grants that date back to Spanish rule. Get educated, then teach your children so they won’t become a ruined generation. Turn off your TV, the propaganda of the media never solved an issue.

Comment added by Camille on 04.16.09

God that was one of the most disturbing things I’ve heard in my whole life. Kind of the story behind the story of “No Country for Old Men”. I share Kat’s terrific apprehension that the relative safety this side of the border offers may be about to dissolve. I don’t share her blame of the Mexicans themselves. It sounds like they are victims of the tremendous market forces of Globalization and narcotics trafficking. My sense is the insane violence of Juarez originates in pro-Globalization trade policies of the U.S. (including Obama) and the lack of effective drug policy here which sends all that Narco Cash South.

Comment added by Daniel on 07.16.09

oh it’s very good!

Comment added by ggkit on 01.09.10

Kat’s a fraud planted with intent to generate sympathy for the “good” Mexicans and anger toward the “bad” Americans. And Camille is the one that’s “nuts” (Bryan). Sure, Daniel, it’s someone else’s fault. Probably mine.

Comment added by Gjalt on 05.02.10

Poor Mexico, so far from God, so close to the United States.

Comment added by sid on 05.03.10

It is amazing that that the country bordering the u.s. to the south is dangerous and failing its people. The scope of influence of the drug cartels is immense. Meanwhile as people are ignored and shut out the people of the u.s. are more concerned with allusive terrorists half a world away.

Comment added by michael beczkiewicz on 05.16.10

Welcome to Baghdad…on the US border! It’s the same urban warfare you find on the streets of Baghdad and our military has trouble keeping a lid on it there. Guess what’s gonna happen when they cross the border? And they’re armed, dangerous and don’t care.

Comment added by Major Domo on 05.27.10

[…] Hearing voices from NPR®  Juárez, Mexico: City on the BorderHost: Scott Carrier […]

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