HV049- Palestinian Dreaming

Village in Palestine, cover of book: The Lemon TreeHearing Voices from NPR®
049 Palestinian Dreaming: Arabs and Jews
Host: Sandy Tolan of Homelands Productions
Airs week of: 2010-06-09 (Originally: 2009-02-04)

“Palestinian Dreaming” (52:00 mp3):

Israel, Palestine, and the Holy Land:

“Waking Up” (2007 / 12:39) Joe Frank

A nightmare in a city split by three religions, as dreamt by an Jewish soldier, an Arab bomber, and a Mississippi minister; from Joe Frank‘s hour Time’s Arrow. [Music: Air “Alone in Kyoto” Talkie Walkie (2004)].

“The Lemon Tree” (1998 / 38:24) Homelands Productions

Growing a tree and understanding on the property of the same family home, in the same family homeland, shared by an Israeli and an Palestinian family; from Sandy Tolan of Homelands Productions. [Music: Dorothy Wang.]

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Comments (4)

I don’t always agree with Joe Frank but I love his stories. they make me want to talk to him and discuss his stories. It is a wonderful dialogue as I create my alternate story even though no one will ever read it.

Comment added by ruth rosen on 03.26.09

I heard “Waking Up” once before, and thought it was amazingly powerful. I hadn’t been able to find a copy, and I’m very glad to be able to listen to it again.

Comment added by Rees on 06.10.10

I have long considered Joe Frank to be the greatest ever American story teller. His writing, wit, and intriguing tonality is quite simply hypnotic yet profound.

Thank you so much HV for broadcasting this story and reminding to go back to tapes I made of his weekly show on the Santa Monica NPR station back in the ’90’s. What a legacy he has established. But like most great artists, I doubt he will receive the recognition he so richly deserves until long after he is gone. Thanks Joe. Your work will someday make a real difference.

Comment added by John Brand on 06.12.10

It’s beautifully done. Unfortunately, what’s left out is that there were TWO population transfers. While Palestinians were fleeing in one direction, Jews were fleeing in the other. Some 900,000 Jews were driven out of Arab lands after 1948:

1948 population 2005 population
Algeria 140,000 1
Egypt 25,000 100
Iraq 135,000 60
Lebanon 5,000 50
Libya 38,000 0
Morocco 265,000 3,500
Syria 30,000 100
Tunisia 105,000 1,100
Yemen 55,000 200

Comment added by Akiva on 06.13.10

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