HV053- Ranchers

Sheep shearing, Jerry Iverson painingHearing Voices from NPR®
053 Ranchers: Life, Death, Land, and Livestock
Host: Barrett Golding of Hearing Voices
Airs week of: 2011-02-09 (Originally: 2009-03-18)

“Ranchers” (52:00 mp3):

Cattle and sheep, wool and meat:

“Counting Sheep” (28:00) Barrett Golding

Our host documents a year on a Roxanne Linderman’s Montana sheep ranch, raising, lambing, herding, shearing, and selling sheep.

Click thru our audio-viz gallery of sheep-shearer Jerry Iverson’s ranch paintings.

“Garland Hirschi’s Cows” (10:00 excerpt) Phillip Bimstien

Composer Phillip Bimstien made music with the voice of his neighbor, a Rockville, Utah cattleman, in “Garland Hirschi’s Cows,” (Starkland 1997).

“Lili’s Farm” (4:00 excerpt)

Lili Olsen, 3-years-old, takes us around her New Hampshire farm, recorded by Jason Rayles.

“Holding His Ground” (5:43) Jesikah Maria Ross

The late Attilio Genasci, interviewed for this story at age 97, held onto his California alpine-valley cattle ranch. Produced for the Nature Conservancy’s Stories from Heart of the Land and Saving the Sierra.

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Comments (2)

I just discovered this show and it is wonderful. It trusts you with your thoughts and doesn’t clutter out a participating experience with overproduced layering of music and comment. There seems to be a movement afoot to make the listening experience equivalent to a computer screen. Rather than lead your mind’s eye into a place from where you are, they try and simply crowd your thoughts into submission. This show invites you to be a part of it as you are and it leaves you a different person as a result.

Comment added by tom opdahl on 03.22.09

This broadcast didn’t even leave the question open if it could be ethically wrong to kill nonhuman animals for their flesh. In the way in which the act of how two people slaughter an animal was portrayed, the sides of the butchers had been taken exclusively, by completely leaving out any moral question about such an act.

Wrongs that are committed on a daily basis do exist. I thought your programm was better informed about how to be ethically more weighed out.

But it seems when it comes questions that would touch Animal Rights, only the sides of the perpetrators are being taken, simply because they are human. Obvious ethical dilemmas regarding the human-towards-animal relationship are being plainly ignored.

Comment added by veganswines on 03.22.09

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