HV059- War Memorial

Photo of Lance Corporal Baronowski in VietnamHearing Voices from NPR®
059 War Memorial: Return to Vietnam
Host: Alex Chadwick of Interviews 50 Cents
Airs week of: 2011-05-25 (Originally: 2009-05-20)

“War Memorial” (52:00 mp3):

For Memorial Day, two stories recorded in Vietnam, one after the war, and one during:

In 1966, a young Lance Corporal carried a reel-to reel tape recorder with him into Vietnam. He made tapes of his friends, of life in fighting holes, of combat; and he continued to record until, two months later, when he was killed in action. Friend and fellow marine, Tim Duffie, remembers him in “The Vietnam Tapes of Michael A. Baronowski,” produced by Jay Allison and Christina Egloff for Lost & Found Sound. NPR: story | response | credits/links; American RadioWorks: transcript; Lance Cpl Baronowski: Memorial.

Host Alex Chadwick first went to Southeast Asia was as a soldier in the Sixties. Two decades later, he made a “Return to Vietnam” as a journalist, on the anniversary of the Tet offensive, to find what had and hadn’t changed since the war (producer: Art Silverman, engineer: Flawn Williams).

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Comments (7)

This was a very touching memorial delivered through audio. I wish the audio would get posted sooner than 5/27 so that it can be heard and shared on Memorial Day.

Comment added by Travis on 05.24.09


Comment added by Travis on 05.25.09

Glad to be of service.

Comment added by BG on 05.25.09

What a wonderful story. I heard this on the way home Sunday night and looked for it online to no avail. Thank you to NPR customer care who responded quickly to my email that went something like “I heard this story about a guy that made reel to reel tapes in Vietnam and I can’t find it…” Not too much to go on. Thank you very much!!!

Comment added by Liz on 05.26.09

Thank you for this amazing story. I nearly didn’t listen, thinking I’d heard enough about Vietnam to last a lifetime. Not so. The reel to reel recordings & the buddy’s commentary brought home the past in a fresh & moving way. Then Chadwick’s coverage of what that nation’s becoming was insightful & amazing. I sat in awe at what I nearly missed- this is radio at its very best. Well done & thanks to all involved.

Comment added by Lori Surmay on 11.08.09

Thanks for a very moving story. To hear the words of a man so calm in war and whose life so violently taken conjured thoughtful images. I can only express my gratitude to all involved in the production of this show.

Comment added by Colin on 05.27.11

“Veteran’s Song” (Welcome Home)
“Say My Name” by
Jeffrey Deitelbaum
Jeffrey D

Comment added by facebook jeffreyoneeighty on 05.31.11

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