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The Calzetta family and their bikesAfter the Calzetta family returned from their 4K coast-to-coast bicycle trip, they compiled these Rules for returning to civilized society (from their Shut Up and Pedal blog):

1. No spitting.

2. Daily bathing is highly recommended.

3. Wear underwear. Preferably clean.

4. No eating food off the ground.

5. No made-up songs that contain profanity.

6. No bacon double cheeseburgers with ice cream sundaes.

7. No sleeping in your sleeping bag on top of the bed.

8. Use “inside voices” when inside.

9. No belching the words on road signs.

10. No shouting “A tour bus is coming” when your mother is peeing by the side of the road.

11. No peeing by the side of the road.

12. And please, no yelling “Fire in the hole” just before loudly farting.

NPR: “Crossing The Country On Tandem Bikes” (4:39 mp3):

The Calzaretta family on the Atlantic
The Calzaretta family on the Atlantic, at the end of the 4K cross-country miles

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