HV081- Shortcuts- 21st Century I

World Trade Center towers, NYCHearing Voices from NPR®
081 Shortcuts- 21st Century I: The First Decade
Host: Peter Bochan of WPKN-Bridgeport CN
Airs week of: 2010-01-13

“Shortcuts- 21st Century I” (52:00 mp3):

The first of a three hour-long retrospective of the first decade, of the century, of the millennium:

Shortcut Thru the 21st Century, Part One (52:00) Peter Bochan

After a quick 2009 intro, we survey selected speech, song, and soundbites from 2000 thru 2002; from the 2000 election and recounts, with Bush, Gore, Bill and Hill, thru 911, Homeland Security, and Afghanistan.

Shortcuts are assembled, mixed and mashed by audio wizard Peter Bochan, of All Mixed Up, WBAI-NYC and WPDK-Bridgeport CT. Next week, part two: 2003-2005 (all three at PRX).

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Comments (5)

wonderfully composed… dreamlike ….ethereal, and all true.

Comment added by Stephen on 01.16.10

Stopped me in my tracks…my heart and mind walked the gauntlet of emotions…I reckon it to what it might be like to have one’s life pass before them…captivating…genius…almost surreal.

Comment added by Evelyn on 01.16.10

Easily the best retrospective of the decade.

Comment added by Pete on 01.21.10

Where can I find the background music?

Comment added by VDev on 01.29.10

I was driving and started to listen half way. It was captivating and absorbed my energy. Like life passing before you and made me think about life our purpose and what i will be remembered like?

Great music and very well done. Download all the parts and will make a good gift for valentines. Thanks NPR!!

Comment added by Deepak on 01.31.10

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