Dubai: Jumeirah Mosque

Woman in veil inside mosqueThe clerics at the Jumeirah Mosque in the United Arab Emirate of Dubai are opening their doors to tourists. To help demystify Islam, visitors learn the basics of the religion with a guide.

Aired on PRI The World; by producer Jake Warga, “Jumeirah Mosque” (3:04 mp3):

Woman in veil inside mosque
© Jake Warga

Koran on chair inside mosque.
© Jake Warga

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Comments (3)

very interesting indeed

Comment added by Moe Yusuf on 11.10.11

It is good to see that Muslims are starting to share their way of life more openly.

Comment added by Zaid on 06.09.12

it is very nice to see that kind of connection between westren people and the Arab. thank you of course we all love to live in peace….. and Ramdan Kreem

Comment added by Mohamad on 07.25.12

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