HV094- Working with Studs

Studs smoking cigarHearing Voices from NPR®
094 : America’s Greatest Listener
Host: Sydney Lewis of Transom
Airs week of: 2011-07-27 (Originally: 2010-08-04)

“Working with Studs” (52:00 mp3):

A Transom.org tribute to the great broadcaster and author Studs Terkel (1912-2008):

“Working with Studs” (52:00) Sydney Lewis & Transom

For many years, Transom.org editor, Sydney Lewis, worked side by side with Studs on his radio show and his books. For this remembrance, a blend of documentary and reminiscence, she brings together a crew of Stud’s co-workers. They share great stories and wonderful previously-unheard tape of Studs himself. Sydney Lewis co-authored Studs’ book Touch and Go: A Memoir.

Studs Terkel: Conversations with America

Studs @ Transom: Special Guest | Radio Special | PRX Piece

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Comments (4)

Delightfully Studs!

Comment added by Jody Harcourt on 08.15.10

At the very end of your Studs show you had a gospel singer singing. Was that Mahalia Jackson? It was beautiful!
Who was that and where can I find it?
Regards, terrific show,

Comment added by George on 07.31.11

George: “I Will Move On Up A Little Higher” Mahalia Jackson, The World’s Greatest Gospel Singer (Columbia). all the music is listed at the PRX link above, along w/ a link to the song at Amazon.

Comment added by BG on 07.31.11

Wonderful! I so enjoyed the different aspects of “looking” at Studs. I am deter
mined to read his books now. Thanks for a great story!

Comment added by Cathy Scholtens on 08.10.11

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