Burning Men

Trouble ahead:
Rasing a wooden curved A-frame structure

Trouble mounts:
Structure assembled

Trouble arrives:
Stucture aflame, at night

Just another Saturday night at the compound. ‘Course trouble’s nuthin’ new out here — this shot’s from Friday night:
Black bear in tree
Black bear in neighbor’s tree, ’round midnight.

Photos by Ben.

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Comment (1)

Glad to be present for the trouble mounting ceremony…performing special sundown salute/

Got back to civilization without capture…except for a series of 10 insect bites…starting at the shoulder & tracking to the bellybutton/

Coulda been the lesions of a laser-eyed blackbearbeetle/

Forensic DNA test results in 6 business days/


Comment added by Brodie on 09.27.10

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