HV on Haitus

Our weekly hour series, Hearing Voices from NPR, has come to its end of days.

Many of the 150 outstanding HV hours will live on in the PRX archives.

Many thanks:

We’ve had a blast assembling the work of indies and NPR into these “sixty-minute streams of driveway moments.” We’re proud of our Peabody and other awards. We’ve loved the thousands of emails and site comments listeners have sent us. But all good things…

So, to you, our site visitors: Thanks for helping propagate outrageous radio.

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Comments (9)

Very sad to hear this news but very grateful for the many hours of amazing radio! I’ve been waiting for my podcast to update for a while and this explains it. I’m going to spend some time in the archives and find any I may have missed. Thank you for all of the wonderful shows and for all of your hard work!

Comment added by cyclome on 11.02.12

Very sad to see HV come to an end…I always looked forward to listening every weekend. Thank you so much for giving so many a voice and connecting all of us through our experiences. I think its very appropriate Solidod’s story of resilence is your finale.

Comment added by Deborah H. on 11.03.12

I wondered why the RSS wasn’t updating =(

I’ll miss you guys, Larry, Scott, Barrett, and all the rest who worked tirelessly to bring the best of radio from the far reaches of time and space to my earbuds. Thanks enormously for years of edification and entertainment, and may all the talented people at HV land on their feet careerwise.

Comment added by Dave on 11.20.12

No!!! I am a serious podcast junkie, and Hearing Voices is by far my favorite. Your work has given me perspective, aroused my compassion and so often left me in awe of this beautiful thing called life.

I wish you all the very best. I will miss you dearly.

Comment added by Bryant Switzky on 11.20.12

Thank you for all of your hard work. Farewell

Comment added by Rick on 12.01.12

Thank you for your work and craft in the production of Hearing Voices. I’ll admit that I was a little mad at my local station (WPLN in Nashville) for “cutting” the show. So, I do have some egg on my face. However, that the station has replaced the hidden stories and cutting edge production of HV with the uniform (and nearly-ubiquitous) style of TEDtalks radio. Sigh. In other words, there is still a need and a place for the creative approach you all took. Thank you for the hours of good radio, and here’s to how hearing voices also pushes boundaries. All the best.

Nashville, TN

Comment added by Dahron Johnson on 12.02.12

sad news. i have listened to this show before going to sleep for a long time every thursday night. i think it has expanded my mind a lot. thanks for all the beautiful places you’ve taken me.

Comment added by sammy on 12.13.12

It took me a while to catch up, I thought you were taking a break but figured it out… sad. You guys were the originals doing this and told some beautiful, insightful stories…esp Scott Carrier stuff. Thank you and take care.

Comment added by Ruth on 02.08.13

Wait, I didn’t realize this was on the chopping block! I’m suddenly overwhelmed with so much sadness….

Comment added by Anna on 03.26.13

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